Our Vision

Vision for Harvest Rock Christian Center

Vision:  The dictionary defines vision as ‘the act or power of seeing’.   It is both where a church desires to be and what it holds dear.  It serves as its road map.

Good churches take time to develop.  In fact the task of building a church is the task of a lifetime.

Sometimes God shows a church its vision as time goes on.  Humbly, this past few months it is as if God has given Harvest Rock a Vision that is Greater than what we are but a Vision that comes from His Word and His Will.

God has showed us that His Vision for our Church is to also be our Mission Statement and is defined by 4 words – Go, Receive, Be and Reach.  These words come from Acts 1:8 where Jesus made his 11 disciples a Great Invitation.   Let us share what these 4 words mean:

Go:  Let God speak to you giving His personal direction  as to where He wants you to go.

Receive:  Gods plan is always greater than our ability.  We are to Receive the Gift of the Power of His Holy Spirit to both ‘go and do’ what God wants us to do.

Be:  Be means to let God make you His Witness.  A witness is asked to share their own personal perspective of Who God is and What He has done in their life.

Reach: This is where the Vision is greater than us.  Jesus said to go even to the ‘ends of the Earth’.   To Reach is to let God expand you to His maximum capacity for our lives.

It is these 4 words that are to direct everything we do at Harvest Rock

It is these 4 words that serve as our base to believe God will Help us to do what He wants us to do at Harvest Rock.

Might you be someone God will send our way to help us get there?  We believe that God will send an army so that we can influence this world for His Glory.

Hope to ‘see you at the Rock’ – Harvest Rock Church.