Our Pastor

Pastor: Luis Vazquez

Thank you for viewing our website. Most people look at this section of the website to ‘check the Pastor out’. So, let me share a little about me…

  •     Beginning: I was born and raised in Southern California in the city of Wilmington. I graduated from Banning High School in… – Go Pilots!
  •     College: I am a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Business (Fight–on!) and attended the Latin American Bible Institute and learned a whole lot about the Bible and a passion for God’s Kingdom at this fantastic school.
  •     Marriage: God’s best gift to me was my wife Gloria. 34 years and still the love of my life. Who said you can’t find anything good in the housing projects of East Los Angeles?
  •     The Boys: My heroes, Louie (the Chapman University graduate,  college football player and current entrepreneur), David (the Vanguard University graduate and recent recipient of a California State Fellowship to the California State Senate and now Business Affairs Director at Vanguard University) and Jonathan (a recent Vanguard University graduate and now a Youth Pastor at a prominent Orange County church).
  •     Ministry: I have been in church since day 1. Thanks Mom for making sure that I was always in church! It has been a great ride serving the King – as a Youth President, Children’s Sunday school teacher, Single Adult Ministry Leader (13 years every Friday – that is 676 consecutive Friday nights), Adult Sunday school teacher, Church Board Secretary and now the founding Pastor of Harvest Rock Church. Seems like God has taken me step by step.
  •     Ministry Style: To share the fullness of the Good News in a loving, prepared, and Holy Spirit aided manner that Encourages our Faith, Strengthens the Believer and Comforts those who need Comfort (check out a sermon on our website)Ministry Purpose: Everything done in God’s house that involves His children should have a ‘purpose.’ My desire is to accomplish three things with God’s people:
    Share the Good News – Let the listener come to Christ
    Train the Believer – Let the believer grow and begin to discover their spiritual gifts
    Let the Believer Loose – Allow the trained believer to use the gifts that God has given to them
  •     My Commitment: To be accountable, to be an example and to be a person of integrity